The Rainbow Bridge

I read a beautiful post today on the “Great Pyrenees are the best dogs…ever” site.  The owner, Darlene Hannan, gave me permission share her story. I am a Pyr owner too and they are the best dogs.

Hi, I’m Nemo.


I went to visit the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. WOW, what a place. Animals everywhere! Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens, horses, ducks, cows, rabbits, lizards … all kinds, big and small! And squirrels in every tree! Everyone seems to be having a great time, except of course, they miss their families.

After a few weeks of tests, my vet concluded that I have the “C” in me. I always thought that the “C” in me meant cookies, but I guess I was wrong. Wasn’t able to eat very much while I was sick, so after check-in, the first place I headed was to the RB Food Truck, where I was allowed to have anything I wanted!! They have pizza and ice cream and hot dogs and mashed potatoes and french fries and hamburgers … the list is endless!! Like a Golden Corral buffet for us!! I know everyone will miss me and I’ll miss all of you, too … especially mom and dad, and Sophia. It will be tough for the first few days and I know it will be tough for my family, too. But we’ll all be OK. Count the stars tonight … there’s a new one up there … and it’s ME!!!

Love you guys!!! ~Nemo

10/31/05 – 5/03/15
Nemo Hannan
Rescued in 2006, Nemo came to us to be fostered. After a few short weeks, we knew he wasn’t leaving. Nine wonderful years with this special boy. Finding Nemo was wonderful; losing Nemo is heartbreaking.

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